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Revealed: What Men Secretly Want But Will Never Tell You…

Should I Date Him Even When I Don’t Have Any Plans To Marry Him? - A Relationship Coach Reveals Exactly What You Need To Know Before Making a Decision

Video Summary

In this video, Matthew Hussey, a dating coach, explains that not every meaningful relationship has to end in marriage.

Live Life to the Fullest

It’s great to live a full life filled with experiences. You should put yourself out there and be willing to take risks. However, this often means that you will come out the other side with more bruises and scars. You must set an intention at the beginning of any experience. Be informed and don’t let heartache catch you off guard.

Having a Great Time with the Wrong Person

There is often a conviction in life that you are very certain you want to keep. For example, you may have an absolute conviction that you want to marry someone who practices a certain faith. If you are 100% certain that you will not marry or end up with the person you are dating, is it valuable to keep dating them?

Sometimes it happens by accident that you meet the “wrong” person, namely they don’t ultimately fit the bill when it comes to the conviction of who you see yourself ending up with or marrying. However, you start out small, maybe only one date, but you have a great time with him. He is fun to be around and you find yourself spending more time with him, and you eventually come emotionally invested in him, even falling in love. At what point do you break the relationship off?

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Be Honest From the Start

It is a good idea, at the start of any relationship, to be honest. If the subject of your conviction comes up in a meaningful conversation, you should be honest, rather than giving him an idea that you may be changeable or willing to compromise what you really want. If you are honest with him, most of the time he will be honest with you. 

State openly that you are having fun and an excellent time with him, but you are looking for someone else long term, and if he wants the same thing, and you are both willing to invest your feelings anyway, no false expectations will be created. Even if you’re willing to endure heartache, you should be sure you aren’t going to devastate him because he had no idea what you truly wanted.

Don’t Let Heartache Catch You Unaware

Don’t’ be afraid to live a full life. If you truly enjoy his company, don’t shy away from the experience just because you feel he may not be the one you ultimately end up with. However, prepare yourself for the level of emotional investment that may develop. Prepare yourself for the possibility of falling in love, and for the heartache that you may experience at the end. Bruises heal and scars can be worn with pride. Just be sure you are both setting an intention at the beginning and are prepared for what is to come.

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About Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey, speaker and New York Times Bestselling author, serves as a matchmaker on “Ready for Love,” NBC’s innovative and dramatic new relationship show about making real connections.

Through his online programs, viral internet broadcasts, sell-out seminars, NYT Bestselling book, and his roster of private clients, he has been able to pass on his insights and strategies to countless people. 50,000 women have attended his live events and he has reached over 10 million online. Hussey is the new international guru of the dating and relationship-coaching scene.

To know more about Matthew Hussey, visit his website

Revealed: What Men Secretly Want But Will Never Tell You…

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