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Interview With Kris Gooding

1. A common problem that we hear often from our subscribers is a feeling of being inadequate and unworthy especially as they age. Women feel anxious and stressed as they compare their bodies and looks to the younger women and unfortunately believe they aren’t able to attract men into their lives because they aren’t physically attractive... Continue reading

I Don’t Understand Why He Disappeared- 7 Expert-Approved Tips on What To Do When He Disappears Without an Explanation

I Dont Understand Why He Disappeared What Should I Do

Before the Internet exploded into our lives, people searching for relationships most often dated people whose backgrounds they knew. They met by working together, playing in the same areas, sharing the same social contacts, or belonging to the same groups. Occasionally, they were “fixed up” by friends, or perhaps met in some kind of magical, unpredictable way... Continue reading

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