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I Don’t Understand Why He Disappeared- 7 Expert-Approved Tips on What To Do When He Disappears Without an Explanation

I Dont Understand Why He Disappeared What Should I Do

Before the Internet exploded into our lives, people searching for relationships most often dated people whose backgrounds they knew. They met by working together, playing in the same areas, sharing the same social contacts, or belonging to the same groups. Occasionally, they were “fixed up” by friends, or perhaps met in some kind of magical, unpredictable way... Continue reading

4 Brilliantly Effective Ways on How To Cultivate An Abundance Mindset In Your Love Life

How To Cultivate An Abundance Mindset In Your Love Life

So many relationship seekers have come to me frustrated and sad about how hard it is to match who they are to someone they want and who wants them. Most of them have spent so much time and energy tweaking their psychological and physical “presentation package” to maximize their success. They’ve read books, searched the Internet, interrogated friends, sought relationship gurus, memorized the media, and endlessly self-reflected past failures, all in an attempt to find that elusive romantic needle in an ever-changing haystack... Continue reading

4 Fascinating Tips on How To Create a Conscious Relationship

How To Create a Conscious Relationship

At first glance this concern about where a relationship is going may seem rudimentary, perhaps even inane. Yet, in my forty years of counseling people who are seeking intimate partnerships, I encounter this problem every day. Many people have a goal in mind as to what they want and what they are looking for, not necessarily in accord with another’s wants and dreams for the future... Continue reading

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