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Should I Date More Than One Guy at the Same Time? 5 Fascinating Insights From Relationship Experts on Things To Consider Before Multidating

Should I Date More Than One Guy at the Same Time

It’s difficult to address this concern without stepping into the controversy of still-existing different societally acceptable behaviors for each gender. Yes, even in this time of supposed greater equality between the sexes, men are still not judged as negatively by the amount of sexual partners they’ve had as women are, and men who date more than one woman at the same time are judged less harshly than women who simultaneously date more than one partner... Continue reading

How Long Should I Wait To Date After Divorce?- 3 Relationship Experts Share Seriously Must-Know Insights To Follow Before Dating After a Divorce

How Long Should I Wait To Date After Divorce

Divorce is the official ending of a dream that has died. No matter how a committed relationship ends, the process that precedes it and the aftermath of the loss often leave deep scars in partners who feel they have failed. My patients undergoing divorce commonly tell me about their feelings of self-doubt, grief, guilt, humiliation, anger, heartbreak, betrayal, confusion, or unresolved conflict, in all possible combinations... Continue reading

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